Air lines and Air india express

AirAsia plans flight resumptions | TTR Weekly
Air AsiaTrichy to Kuala Lumpur (kul———–trz)3 hours 45 minutes2689.61 km 1671.25 miles
Air India ExpressTrichy to Abu Dhabi (trz———–auh)4 hours 5 minutes2,982 km 1,853 miles
Air  India ExpressTrichy to Doha (trz———–doh)4 hours 25 minutes3,281 km 2,039 miles
Air India ExpressTrichy to Dubai (trz————dxb)4 hours 20 minutes2,941 km 1,827 miles
Air India ExpressTrichy to Sharjah (trz————–shi)4 hours 20 minutes2,935 km 1,824 ,miles
Air India ExpressTrichy to Singapore (trz————-sin)4 hours 25 minutes7,001.2 km 4,350.4 miles
Alliance AirTrichy to chennai1 hours 0 minutes330.3 km 250.2 miles

Source: Fictitious data, for illustration purposes only

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