Tiruchirapalli (also Trichy or Tiruchi) is the fourth largest city of Tamil Nadu and is strategically located on the banks of Cauvery River. The city reached the zenith of its glory during the reign of Nayak dynasty. Car Festival, which is a flower festival is celebrated with much ado here. Mokkumbu is one of the great picnic spot tourist paces in tirchy which is 18 km from Tiruchirapalli.

83 m high Rock Fort Temple is the most prominent landmark of Tiruchirpalli which stands majestically on its otherwise flat landscape. Other nearby attractions are Vayalur (8 km), Grand Anicut (24 km) and Natharmalai (37 km). Tiruchiraplli has its own international airport which connects it with cities in Asia and the Gulf region. It is connected with cities in India with a well laid network of railways and buses.Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) is a prominent city for art culture in the state of Tamil Nadu, India with several tourist attractions in the neighbourhood. Trichy has a rich cultural heritage, which dates back to more than 1000 years. Trichy is also the home to Grand Anicut, the fourth oldest dam in the world that was constructed in the 2nd century AD as well as the Rockfort. 

Alternative airports near Tiruchirappalli

Below you can find a list of alternative airports to Tiruchirappalli (TRZ). The nearest airports to Tiruchirappalli (TRZ) are Pondicherry (PNY) and Madurai (IXM).


77 mi / 124 km


77 mi / 124 km

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83 mi / 133 km

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114 mi / 184 km