A pan-Indian cleanliness survey, Swachh Survekshan 2023 is a component of the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) urban. Trichy received number 112 out of 446 major cities throughout the nation that participated in the survey, earning it the title of cleanest city in Tamil Nadu (population of over one lakh)..

At a ceremony on Thursday in New Delhi, Mayor M. Anbazhagan and Corporation Commissioner R. Vaithinathan were given the title of Tamil Nadu’s best-performing city.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs released data showing that Trichy obtained 5,794.89 out of 9,500 marks, making it the cleanest city in Tamil Nadu (for populations above one lakh) and ranking 112th out of 446 major cities in the nation.

Trichy was able to do better than in previous times and climb up the rankings. The city placed fourth in the State and 262nd overall in the 2022 study, which is the lowest position the city has ever held in the poll.

Trichy Corporation has been accredited by the Ministry as an ODF++ (open defecation free ++) achiever because it has met all of the requirements, including having all public restrooms connected to septic tanks or the sewage system, periodically emptying septic tanks, and maintaining public restrooms better.

The city received 3,425.60 out of 4,830 points in the service level progress category, which deals with project implementation and documentation. The city received 1,644.30 out of 2 in the citizen voice category, which addresses public participation, disaster readiness, and resolving complaints.

Trichy received high marks in areas including door-to-door garbage collection, market and waterbody cleanliness, public restrooms and residential area cleanliness, and dumpsite remediation. The city has seen improvements in metrics including garbage generation and segregation.

A top official stated, “We are pleased that our efforts have been successful. We will keep enhancing the upkeep of public restrooms and effectively addressing waste segregation and processing.”

Historical Importance:

Trichy boasts a rich history that stretches back thousands of years. Numerous dynasties, including the Cholas, Nayaks, and Marathas, have controlled it.

Rock fort Temple:

It is well-known for its historical sites, such as the Rock fort Temple, which sits on a large rock and provides expansive city views.

Other important landmarks are the St. Lourdes Church and the Jambukeswarar Temple, in addition to the Rockfort Temple and Srirangam Temple.

The Cauvery River meanders through the city, offering a picturesque environment. Not far from Trichy is the historic Kallanai Dam, constructed across the Cauvery River.


It has a number of cultural events and festivals throughout the year to honour the rich traditions of Tamil Nadu. The Natyanjali Dance Festival, Pongal, and Diwali are a few of the well-known celebrations.

Geographical and Position:

Trichy is an important transportation hub due to its advantageous location in the centre of Tamil Nadu. It has excellent air, rail, and road connections.


The city is a significant hub for industry and education in the area. Its economic foundation is broad, with sectors including engineering, manufacturing, and information technology fostering its expansion.


1.Why did Trichy receive the title of the cleanest city in Tamil Nadu?

Trichy achieved this recognition through its commendable performance in the Swachh Survekshan 2023 survey, securing the top position among cities with a population over one lakh in Tamil Nadu.

2.How has Trichy improved its cleanliness ranking compared to the previous survey?

Trichy has shown significant improvement compared to the 2022 survey, where it ranked fourth in the state. In 2023, it climbed the rankings and earned the title of the cleanest city in Tamil Nadu.

3. What factors contributed to Trichy’s high marks in the Swachh Survekshan survey?

Trichy excelled in various aspects, including door-to-door garbage collection, market and waterbody cleanliness, public restroom and residential area cleanliness, and dumpsite remediation. The city also saw improvements in garbage generation and segregation.

4.How has the Trichy Corporation been recognized by the Ministry in terms of cleanliness achievements?

The Ministry has accredited Trichy Corporation as an ODF++ (open defecation free ++) achiever. This recognition is due to the city meeting all requirements, including proper maintenance of public restrooms and effective waste management.

5.What steps does Trichy plan to take to sustain its cleanliness achievements in the future?

Officials have expressed their commitment to ongoing efforts to enhance public restroom upkeep, effectively address waste segregation and processing, and maintain the cleanliness achievements. The city aims to build on its success and continue improving civic services.

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